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first indoor Pickleball center

Join Us Early Summer 2023!

What sets us apart?

A line drawing of a pickleball court

Specialized for Pickleball

· We will be the largest dedicated  indoor pickleball center in Virginia!

· Eight indoor pickleball courts, all with permanent fencing.
· Cushioned courts!  Special Pro-Cushion®  flooring designed to minimize impact to your joints while maximizing your pickleball game.

· No glare! Our uniquely designed lighting is optimized for indoor pickleball.

· Climate-controlled! No wind, rain, snow, ice, heat, or sunburns allowed.

· We’re only pickleball! No more sharing court time with other sports.

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Food, Drinks, and Social Seating

· We aren't a bar with pickleball courts, we're a Pickleball-only facility where you can grab food and drinks as well!

· Our lounge areas are the perfect place to wait for your game, watch your pals, grab a beer, some snacks,and hang out.

· Drinks! Our beer, wine, seltzers, sports drinks, and more are sure to whet your whistle whether you're grieving your loss or celebrating a win.

· Stay out of the kitchen, eat with us! Our large selection of snacks and food are perfect for breakfast on-the-go, lunch-hour matchups, after work meetups, or any old time you
need to refuel.

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Everyone is welcome

· We want everyone to play!  So, we are NOT a members-only club. Non-members can purchase day passes to join in the fun!

· Unlimited pickleball! Seven days a week, 7AM – 10PM. Pick the time that fits YOUR schedule best.

· Classes! All levels. Offered in the mornings for the larks and the evenings for the owls.

· No court sign ups required. Just waltz right in and get that drop shot in!

· No age limits or requirements.If you can hold a paddle, you're in.

How it works


Check our website

Want to come when there are more players to pick up with? Prefer to keep a low profile? Our website will let you know the current amount of players currently checked in so you can decide the best time to stop by.



Have a membership? Great! We'll check you in and you're ready to go. Not a member? That's fine too! Purchase a day pass to play with friends, to join a group that needs a player, or just to socialize
and watch a game!



Unlimited Pickleball! Place your paddle in our paddle rack to designate your spot. While you wait for your game to begin, feel free to stretch, convene, or grab a drink at one of our social seating areas. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

Contact us

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Construction at our space, located at
1516 Koger Center Blvd,
Richmond, VA 23235 kicks off soon!
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(We are working with Google to fix the map issue, we are replacing the Homemakers Furniture Store next to Dick's, not Dick's Sporting Goods!)
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