ERNE Ball Machine Rental

Meet ERNE (pronounced Ernie). ERNE is a Pickleball training machine for all skill levels! Unmatched in the marketplace for every key feature you’d want in a pickleball training partner: 150 ball capacity, precision and consistency, 24 preloaded drills with variable shots. You can customize speed, spin, and frequency. Available to Members only, we're thrilled to make it available for just $10 per 30-minute session.

$10.00 for 30 minutes of reserved court time with ERNE and the accompanying iPhone with the app that controls ERNE. There is an additional 15 minutes of reserved court time for a total of 45 minutes to allow for setup and getting accustomed to ERNE’s app. Reservations are required. Reservations are available 2 weeks ahead of time. The reservations page will detail limitations on availability.

1. Log into your Bangers & Dinks account here: Click “Book a Class” on your Membership page 
2. Click the dropdown that says “Bangers and Dinks Pickleball” (top right corner of the calendar)
3. Select “Ball Machine Rental (Member’s Only)
4. Navigate to the day/time you want to use it
5. Click “Book” and follow the prompts