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At Bangers and Dinks, we're not just a place to play pickleball; we're also committed to helping you improve your game.  We offer pickleball lessons taught by some of the most experienced and well-known certified instructors in the Richmond area.

We understand that the game of pickleball can be challenging, especially for beginners. That's why we believe that lessons are crucial for players who want to take their game to the next level. With our expert instruction, you'll learn the proper techniques and strategies to improve your performance and increase your enjoyment of the game.

Our lessons are available to players of all levels, whether you're just starting out or looking to refine your skills.  Some of our clinics are designed as a series in a numbered sequence (101, 102, etc.). For those clinics, the curriculum is more advanced as you move through the series.  Other lessons are skill specific.  We have a little bit of everything for you to try.

Here’s how to sign up for a lesson:  First, check out our Course Catalog!  It has all our lesson descriptions and the coaches’ names.   Next, scroll down to the yellow box on this webpage, click on the class you want to take, scroll across the calendar to see the dates it’s available, and finally click on the class time that works for you!  The website will lead you through the rest of the sign-up process.

We offer private lessons too!  Email: Coach@bangersanddinks.com if you’re interested in scheduling a private lesson.

At Bangers and Dinks, we provide a supportive and encouraging learning environment that will help you reach your full potential.  We can't wait to help you improve your game and become the best pickleball player you can be.  Check the course curriculum for availability and sign up now to save your spot!

Meet Our Coaches!

Chrishawn Spackman

Meet Bangers and Dinks' Head Coach!

Former Division I Collegiate basketball player, Chrishawn Spackman, discovered pickleball in 2019, rekindling her dormant athletic spirit due to a college injury two decades prior. Transitioning from 'Business Consultant' back to 'athlete', Chrishawn quickly became a Certified Pickleball Coach with PPR, founding her coaching business, PBisLife.

She competes in US tournaments, highlights being Nationals in California and US Open in Florida.Currently, she captains “Team Timeless”, vying for the National Championships in Vegas.

Recently, she competed in Chesterfield's inaugural MLP team league, clinching a silver medal. Now, she serves as the Head of Coaching and Clinics at Bangers & Dinks, contributing her expertise to players of all ages and skill levels. For Chrishawn, pickleball is more than a sport—it's a lifestyle fostering friendships and personal growth.

Linda Scott

Meet Linda Scott, a dynamic leader and passionate advocate in the world of Pickleball. With a Master's degree from ODU and 15 years of instructional experience, Linda is more than just a coach. In 2010, she introduced Pickleball to the Greater Richmond Area alongside her husband, Dave, paving the way for the sport's explosive growth.

Today, Linda presides over The Pickleball Club of Chesterfield County, boasting an impressive membership of 2,500. As a certified IPTPA instructor and USA Pickleball Ambassador, she's played pivotal roles in fundraising for dedicated Pickleball courts and training new coaches. The Scott Pickleball Center at Rockwood stands as a testament to her commitment.

Beyond coaching, Linda has coordinated popular leagues and sessions, sharingher love for the game far and wide. Living by her mantra 'Pickleball4All', sheembodies the spirit of inclusivity in the sport. Come, join Linda Scott, and beinspired by her dedication to Pickleball.

Lynne De Wet

"Instruction does much, but encouragement everything”Johan Wolfgang van Goethe. My approach to coaching and Pickleball instruction is to teach individuals the way that they would like to be taught. I use the Clarity4D personality technique to adjust each lesson and experience to how people learn best. I determine what it is that you want to learn, and I adjust my approach on your introverted or extraverted personality. Then adapt it to your learning style for maximum effect.

Individual or Group lessons are a fun opportunity to learn and play with friends. I also focus on helping those who need to work on hand-eye coordination, footwork, and building self-confidence. I aim to give honest feedback about your strengths and weaknesses and how you can improve.Mostly I want you to learn a game to exercise, while meeting new friends and having LOTS of fun!

Coaching is my field of study. I love seeing the joy that a simple change can bring as my students progress. Let’s play Pickleball!!

Cindy Welch

Meet Cindy Welch, a seasoned racquet sport athlete with a heart for family, friends, and fun! From her beginnings playing tennis on a grass court in Hopewell, VA, she understood the essence of competition and camaraderie in sports. As a senior, Cindy held the number one position on her high school tennis team, later continuing to play 4.0 level tennis and teach the sport for over 20 years.

After earning a degree in music education from Virginia Commonwealth University, she dedicated 15 years to homeschooling and coaching her three children, molding two of them into high school tennis standouts.

In 2013, Cindy discovered a new passion – Pickleball. Falling in love with the game, she began teaching privately in 2017 and took on a pivotal role as Co-Pickleball Ambassador in Woodbridge, VA. Her efforts led to the establishment of the first dedicated outdoor pickleball courts in Northern VA.

Certified by the IPTPA in 2018, Cindy swiftly began teaching adult pickleball for Prince William County. In 2021, she became the head pickleball instructor at the Lee District Rec Center, conducting clinics throughout Fairfax County before returning to Richmond. Since then, she's been imparting her knowledge to both children and adults, nurturing beginners into competitive tournament players up to the 4.0 level.

Cindy believes in the power of pickleball to foster connections while promoting physical and mental fitness. Joining the team of instructors at Bangers & Dinks, she is eager to meet and work with you, bringing a sense of family and fun to every session!

Gene Henley

Introducing Gene Henley, a dynamic 4.0+ player and certified Pickleball coach with an eight-year track record of success. Gene stands out for his student-centered approach, prioritizing personalized instruction to elevate every player's game.

Gene believes that learning should be fun. In his engaging teaching clinics, you'll find not only rigorous coaching but also a lively, spirited environment that truly encapsulates the joy of Pickleball. His dedication to his students is evident in each session he leads, creating a captivating balance of challenge and enjoyment.

Whether you're a newcomer to Pickleball or an established player aiming to improve, Gene is eager to help you on your journey. Contact him at Bangers and Dinks for a unique, vibrant learning experience that's sure to leave you better on the court and excited for the next game.

Bryan Still

Meet our resident pickleball enthusiast, a dedicated coach with an impressive history in sports. With a daily dedication to playing or practicing pickleball, he's been coaching sports for over 20 years and teaching pickleball for the past three years. Beyond the pickleball courts, he is a Health and PE teacher at Cosby High School in Midlothian, VA, combining his passion for sports with a commitment to education.His sportsmanship extends beyond pickleball; he is a VA Tech alumnus, where he not only studied Communication Studies but also made his mark as a football player, earning the MVP title at the 1995 Sugar Bowl. His talent took him to the NFL, being drafted by the San Diego Chargers in the second round of the 1996 NFL Draft where he played for four exciting years.Beyond his accomplishments, he is a family man who loves fishing, hiking, and watching his students develop a love for pickleball. He takes pride in witnessing their growth and improvement. Join himat Bangers and Dinks, and get ready to take your pickleball game to the next level under his experienced guidance.

Hillary Goldsmith

Please welcome Hillary Goldsmith, one of the dynamic coaches at Banger and Dinks, whose passion for sports and competition has evolved into a devoted love for pickleball. Born and raised in Richmond, Hillary honed her athletic skills through tennis and softball in high school, later continuing softball at Roanoke College. After testing the waters in distance running and triathlons, she discovered pickleball at the JCC six years ago and was instantly hooked.

Hillary, known for her soft game, consistency, and superb court positioning, has medaled in numerous PPA and APP tournaments at the 4.5/5.0 level over the past three years. Guided by Becky Jilcott, she embraced drilling and game enhancement techniques, contributing to her pickleball prowess.

Her coaching philosophy is rooted in the idea that while pickleball is easy to learn, it can be challenging to master. She is eager to help players at Banger and Dinks level up their skills and discover the joy she's found in this addictive game. Her belief is that there is always room for improvement, making pickleball an engaging pursuit for players at all levels.

When she's not on the pickleball court, Hillary works as a pharmacist with Walgreens and enjoys quality time with her family. If you're ready to elevate your game and share in the love of pickleball, join Hillary on the courts at Banger and Dinks for an enriching and rewarding experience.fuel your passion for pickleball.

Becky Jilcott

Meet Rebecca Jilcott, fondly known as the "Pickleball Maestro" or "Becky". Having immersed herself in the world of pickleball in 2013, Rebecca, although a seasoned athlete in soccer, softball, volleyball, and field hockey, had never ventured into paddle sports before. Undeterred, she quickly grasped the basics, trained under several pros like Prem Carnot, Deb Harrison, and Dee Ahern, and ascended to excellence with strong mentorship.

Today, Rebecca is a USAPA rated 5.0 tournament player and an accomplished instructor through her company, Pickleball Maestro, LLC. The name marries two of her life passions - pickleball and orchestral music. As an orchestra teacher for 32 years in Chesterfield County and a conductor in the Richmond Symphony Youth Orchestra Program, her maestro moniker is well-earned.

Becky's first Women's Senior Pro Match debut was at Nationals 2019, and she continues to compete in major tournaments across the United States, bagging an impressive array of medals. She's also a USAPA Certified Referee and Trainer, lending further credibility to her coaching. As an esteemed member of Team Selkirk and an Acacia Pickleball Ambassador, Becky brings exceptional insights and skill to her role as a coach at Bangers & Dinks.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced player looking to step up your game, Rebecca's expert lessons and clinics will help you refine your skills and unlock your potential. Join her at Bangers & Dinks, and let the maestro guide your pickleball journey!

Janet Green

Introducing Janet Green, a seasoned athlete with an impressive track record, and one of the dedicated coaches at Banger and Dinks. With 27 years as a Division I Lacrosse Head Coach, for the University of Richmond and Longwood University, Janet is no stranger to competitive sports. Her love for pickleball took flight five years ago, and she hasn’t looked back since. Now a PPR Certified Professional Coach and a medal winner in the 2023 National Senior Games, Janet brings her 4.5-rated expertise and proven strategies to the pickleball court.

Janet’s accomplishments are not limited to pickleball. She was part of the United States Lacrosse Team for a decade, serving as Captain for two years, and even made three NCAA appearances. She’s a member of the Virginia Lacrosse Hall of Fame and a three-time Coach of the Year, but she’s most proud of her two beautiful children and her induction into the Collegiate Hall of Fame.

As a coach, Janet revels in the moment a student grasps a concept, witnessing their confidence and mental toughness grow with each game. She champions the belief that everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear, a quote by George Addair, and sees pickleball as a fun and fulfilling way to exercise, enhance resilience, and foster friendships.

Janet's coaching revolves around the '5 P's': Purpose, Patience, Position, Poise, and Pressure. These key principles guide her teaching style, empowering students to have a purpose for every shot, practice patience, prioritize position and footwork, maintain poise, and apply pressure strategically. Join Janet at Banger and Dinks for an immersive pickleball experience. Under her guidance, you will learn, grow, and enjoy the game like never before!

Brian Garbera

Meet Brian Garbera, an enthusiastic coach at Banger and Dinks, and a certified Level I and Junior Pickleball Instructor under the International Pickleball Teaching Professional Association (IPTPA). Brian transitioned from 35 years of avid racquetball playing to the strategic sport of pickleball, falling in love with the tactics and techniques involved in every match.

Brian has vast teaching experience, conducting Pickleball 101 classes with Chesterfield County Parks and Recreation, and also coaching for King Pickleball Camps/Clinics. His teaching methodology is based on a solid foundation of basics, using drill games to nurture patience and consistency among his students.

His coaching philosophy at Banger and Dinks emphasizes learning to love the game first, playing safely, and giving one's best. He creates an engaging and supportive environment where every player, regardless of their skill level, can grow and excel. Join Brian on the courts for a learning experience that will build your skills and fuel your passion for pickleball.

Current Courses Offered:

Intro Pickleball Basics I

Brand new to Pickleball? We have you covered!  In this90-minute clinic, our coaches will teach you about safety, equipment, grips,contact point, shot basics, the serve and return of serve, and play your first points!  They will introduce you to the game that everyone is talking about! Want more?  No problem.  We offer 3 additional Beginner Basics clinics to keep growing and improving your game. This clinic or the equivalent is required to register for other Basics of Beginners clinics.

Pickleball Basics for Beginners III

This is the third part of our Basics for Beginners offerings.  Each one advances yourcomfort, knowledge, and skills so that you can keep enjoying the game.  In this clinic, the foundations of the game will reach deeper and broader into Pickleball concepts.  Such topics include positioning, basic strategies, shot selection, and more! Once you complete this series, you will be more than ready for session IV, “Let’s Play Pickleball’.

Lynne's Beginner Series - Get a GRIP on this Game

Just as it sounds, this clinic is part of a beginner series that starts with introducing you to the equipment, grips and how to use both to hit a forehand and backhand! It will be all you need to participate in your first game on the court!   $40.00/pp; Max 4 Players

Lynne's Beginner Series - Lava Zone (Volleys)

Whether you are building off of the Get a Grip and the 3 S’s and 2 R’s clinics or starting with the Lava Zone, this clinic will teach you about volleys, transitioning, and the rules that go with it. You will work on volley technique, but also on attacking volleys and defensive volleys! You cannot get to the volley without going through the transition zone, so come ready to take your game to the next level!  $40.00/pp; Max 4 Players

Drill with a Coach

One of TWO new clinic opportunities that you cannot miss!  This is for ALL levels of play.  What a great opportunity to spend one hour working multiple drills to take your game to the next level.  Often people want to drill, but they do not have a drill partner or do not know what or how to drill.  Leave all of that to our coaches.  Drilling is THE way to get better and get better quicker.  Sign up today and seefor yourself! Maximum of 2 people per session to get the very most of your time!  *This is not a coaching session.  This is focused on drilling multiple shots/concepts in pickleball.

Harden your Soft Game

Popping up balls and getting ‘smashed’?  Hitting balls into the net while at the non-volley zone?  This clinic is for YOU?  (Truth is, we can all benefit from this clinic!).  As the game of Pickleball,at ALL levels, continues to get quicker and faster, the soft game becomes even more critical.  With drives and volleys becoming more commonplace, you need to be able to control the point to ‘avoid the heat’.  This clinic will teach and show you exactly how to do that by coaching proven shot techniques, body positioning, how to vary your dinks, and creating the necessary muscle memory to do it well!

Advanced Beginner - Play, Observe, Play

So you feel like your skill level has plateaued and want to get better? Coach Luk is also a fashion/lifestyle photographer and with his eye for detail can quickly pick out fundamental mistakes. If you love real time feedback, and real time results, this clinic is for you. Through the power of observing your play, Coach Luk will provide you with ways to improve your game, shot selection, technique and more! Don’t miss out!    $40.00/pp; Max 4 Players

Intermediate - Using the Serve and Return to Gain an Advantage

Through a series of ‘Play, Practice, Play’ sessions during this clinic, Coach Henley will teach you ways to take your serves and return of serves to the next level. Consistency is great, but take it up a notch with proper technique, effective depths, varied placement, and more! Geared to your habits, in real time, you will leave with a true advantage!    $45.00/pp; Max 4 Players

Intermediate Serves/Returns

Perhaps the most important shots in the game are the first two shots of the game! Let’s talk serving and returning serves…with a purpose. You won the battle of, ‘getting it over the net’ so now let’s look at what we can do with our serves and returns to start the game with an edge…and a purpose!  $45.00/pp; Max 4 Players

Intermediate Special 4 Part Series - Dynamic Drops

This class teaches a variety of concepts and in-depth drills to improve your 3rd shots, and your 3rd shot strategy to get you to the NVZ at the appropriate time. This class is a 4part series, each week building on the previous weeks. Some drills will be repeated during the weeks to work on your muscle memory. This is for Level 3.0 and above.   $45.00/pp; Max 4 Players

Intermediate Stacking Fundamentals

Stacking is where players deliberately play on specific sides of the court, even if they aren’t on those sides of the court when the point begins. While most stacking is typically seen when a left-handed and right-handed player are paired, stacking is also effective when both players are left or right-handed as well. This clinic focuses on what stacking is, how to stack, how to signal to your partner whether you will stack while on defense, and how to get into the proper positions when stacking. This clinic takes the mystery out of this sometimes-confusing strategy and helps give you and your partner another tool for your game.    $45.00/pp; Max 4 Players

Intermediate Maneuver Your Opponent Effectively

In this class we will work on some basic strategy, as well as issues with particular strokes which give players some trouble. You will learn some fun drills you can work on by yourself or with a partner which will give you a step up towards the next level.    $45.00/pp; Max 4 Players

Intermediate Stacking Fundamentals

Stacking is where players deliberately play on specific sides of the court, even if they aren’t on those sides of the court when the point begins. While most stacking is typically seen when a left-handed and right-handed player are paired, stacking is also effective when both players are left or right-handed as well. This clinic focuses on what stacking is, how to stack, how to signal to your partner whether you will stack while on defense, and how to get into the proper positions when stacking. This clinic takes the mystery out of this sometimes-confusing strategy and helps give you and your partner another tool for your game.    $45.00/pp; Max 4 Players

Youth 9-14 Pickleball Beginner Clinic

ages 8 -14 This class introduces your child to Pickleball basics including developing hand-eye coordination, paddle and ball familiarity, and footwork. Dinks, ground strokes, and volleys will be taught through various drills and games.   $25.00/pp; Max 4 Players

Pickleball Basics for Beginners II

This second part of our Basics for Beginners will build upon the foundations of the game covered in the Intro clinic.  You will also be introduced to groundstrokes,volleys, dinking, proper footwork, and more! This clinic will help you build muscle memory so that you can start‘playing’ the game versus ‘thinking’ about the game.

Pickleball Basics for Beginners IV (Let’s Play Pickleball)

What to do once you have your Pickleball Basics, you play Pickleball!  This clinic is focused on using your newfound skills in multiple games with other Beginners with interactive coaching!  You will use the entire hour to play while your coach is observing and giving insights and tipson your game. What you do in drills often looks different once you are playing in a game! Real time coaching is a great way to get better, quicker.

Lynne's Beginner Series - 3 S's & 2 R's (Serve & Return)

Now that you know about the equipment, grips and more, it is time to look at the serve and the return of serve. To do that, we will also take a look at the latest rules, and the best practices for both. This will set you up for the best part – SCORING! You will learn about doubles scoring and put it all into action in a game!  $40.00/pp; Max 4 Players

Squirrel is the name of the Drop Game

In this clinic, you will take on the drop shot…or should we say, drop shots! Yes, there are different types of drop shots and directions to master. Short drops, deep drops and the dinks that follow them! We will look at straight across the net dinking and cross court dinking along with the best practices to follow. Wrap it up with a fund game of “Squirrel’ to put it all to action!    $45.00/pp; Max 4 Players

Play with a Coach

One of TWO new clinic opportunities NOT to miss!  This one-hour session will include a minimum of 3 games.  Each participant (maximum of 3 per clinic) will rotate to play at least one game WITH a  coach! Experience what it is like to play with our coaches firsthand.  You will learn and see so much by being ‘on the court’ with a coach playing beside them and against them.  This is a great opportunity and a fun one!

Intermediate Resets to Gain Control

“I cannot get out of this firefight’ HELP ME! Ever been in a game and the ball just keeps coming at you whether it is when you are coming through the transition area or when standing at the kitchen? Ever felt like you spent most of a game defending against pace and power? Learning how to reset a point is likely one of the best skills to learn to neutralize a point. This clinic will take you on that journey and leave you with the ability to prevent a firefight and to get out of one!  $45.00/pp; Max 4 Players

Intermediate Winning the Transition Zone

Moving through the transition area is a huge part of playing pickleball. Trapped in ‘no mans land’ as it has been called is a common occurrence. Work with Coach Luk to navigate the transition zone, even learn ways to avoid it altogether (it can happen!) and if you do land there, learn how to play in it, through it, and get beyond it! In time Coach Luk will have you calling the middle court area “The Land of Opportunity”.  $45.00/pp; Max 4 Players

Intermediate Court Positioning to Win

As you continue to master the shots of the game, what about your positioning? Are you aware of your positioning? Are you seeing the court across from you and your own? Are you creating a certain situation because of good or bad positioning? In this critical clinic we will look at your court positioning and the why and why nots of it all! A don’t miss clinic!  $45.00/pp; Max 4 Players

Intermediate Special 4 Part Series - Dynamo Dinking

This clinic teaches a variety of concepts and corresponding in depth drills to improve your short game, your court positioning and how to outsmart your opponents!  This is a 4-part series, each offering building upon the previous weeks. Some drills will be repeated during the weeks to work on your muscle memory. This is for Level 3.0 and above.    $45.00/pp; Max 4 Players

Intermediate Dink with Patience and Purpose

Most people who play pickleball can dink – but are you dinking well and with purpose? While an effective dink prevents the other team from attacking, a good dink can be used AS an attack. This clinic focuses on where to place your dinks for maximum effect. Additionally, you will learn the best ways to hit a dink so that you keep more points alive and to your advantage. Getting the ball over the net and dropping it into the kitchen isn’t enough! Consistency comes from repetition, but consistency also from taking shots that are easier to execute over and over. Learn to use the dinking game better – and win more points in the process.    $45.00/pp; Max 4 Players

Introduction to Singles

Want a good workout or have a tennis background, or just want to own the court? Learn how to play singles! Singles is a rapidly growing game in Pickleball everywhere. Join Coach Cao, a singles specialist, and start your singles game on the right foot! Learn the rules, scoring, and singles strategies.    $40.00/pp; Max 4 Players

Beginner Singles Serve/Return

Just like doubles, never underestimate the power of your serve and return of serve in singles. Learn how and why these shots could lead you to more points. In this focused clinic, you will learn a variety of serves and server returns to leverage your court position and setup your finish!    $45.00/pp; Max 4 Players

Intermediate Singles

Drop shots in singles? Absolutely! As the game grows, so do the shots and opportunities. This is certainly true with the drop shot in singles play. Coach Cao will take your singles game to the next level and introduce this new concept for singles pickleball. You will leave with a great weapon to have in your bag of tricks. It may surprise you too!    $45.00/pp; Max 4 Players

Introduction to Skinny Singles

YES, it is a real thing!  Ever wish that there were less court to cover in singles? Try Skinny Singles.  Skinny Singles is not only growing fast in recreational play, but this is now an event option for Tournament Directors. A fun game in half the space and a good introduction to singles pickleball.    $45.00/pp; Max 4 Players

Beginner Singles - Volleys

Perhaps the biggest shot in singles, volleys are a must to close out points at the non-volley zone. Volleys are not new to pickleball, but Coach Cao will show you how to effectively volley to end points earlier. Placement, awareness, and finishing are keys to winning in singles!    $45.00/pp; Max 4 Players

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